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"Mighty Fairly comes from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, their sunny indie pop might melt some of it though because this quartet has come up with quite a few songs with warm melodies in a spring-like sound"
-, Kaj Roth, February 2009

"..well-crafted and truthfully titled album, "Big Words and Power Chords"...Frontman Mischa Suemnig comes off like a less gravely and grave version of Mike Doughty, and his wry pop is sweetened all the more by bassist and co-vocalist Kellie Nitz in tracks like the punchy opener "Falling to Pieces" and the gushing but irresistible acoustic ditty "Live for Love."
- Chris Reimenschneider, Star Tribune, November 2008

"'Big Words' is one of the most rewarding listening experiences of the year. I’d actually stake my reputation on recommending this record to you and yours.... these four Minneapolis kids are blessed with a talent that’s beyond comparison."
- Matthew R. Perrine, Duluth Budgeteer, November 2008

" addicting indie pop that is both bouncy and is saturated with sing-along choruses and hooks...gorgeous a cappella vocal what gives this record a texture that is wonderfully thick and velvety at times"
- Michael Walsh, City Pages, November 2008

"Every song is strong in its own right, which makes for an excellent listen throughout. It’s a warm, thoroughly-rewarding indie pop record that upholds the importance of songcraft just as much as a memorable hook—and this album is loaded with both."
- Adven James, Rift Magazine, November 2008

"...the music has a jangle pop shine and neo-folk psychedelics creating an optimistic glow like a rainbow around woeful feelings"
  -, Susan Frances, June 2007

"Perfectly Good Airplanes is chock full of catchy hooks, bouncy rhythms, nicely layered harmonies and infectious music that will make nearly any pop lover smile."
  - Delusions of Adequacy, Lisa Town, April 2007

"...tracks burst with bouncy pop energy, splashy boy/girl vocal harmonies and hooks galore. Their musical approach is clean and strummy, yet insatiably upbeat with some of the tastiest bass lines you’ll hear from a modern pop band."
  - Amplifier Magazine, Jeff Shelton, March 2007

"Mighty Fairly's tunes are squeaky-clean pop sung with full-throated exuberance..."
  - Metro Magazine, Robvan Alstyne. Jan 2007

"Full of hooks, bright harmonies and irresistible synthesizer fills, Suemnig writes songs that lodge themselves in the listener’s brain and beg to be played again and again."
- The Pulse of the Twin Cities, Andrea Myers - Nov 2006

"...they know how to write a pop song so it's cool and hip."
- Rfit Magazine, Rich Horton - 10/29/2006


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