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4/25/2014 - Looking forward to our reunion show on May 2nd.
7/24/2009 - Playing with Darren Jackson (Kid Dakota, The Hopefuls), The Arrest and Fidrych (from Michigan) at the Uptown Bar on Saturday, July 25th! Hope to see you there!
7/15/2009 - Just played a show with the Meat Puppets. Was an amazing time!
1/30/2009 - Mighty Fairly is confirming shows for their trip to SxSW and Red Gorilla Music Festival. Keep checking back if you're between MN and TX, they may be headed into your area.
8/21/2008 - $10 cover. SOLD OUT! Mighty Fairly plays the Minnesota Museum of American Art on August 21st with Storyhill
5/17/2008 - $7 cover. Join Mighty Fairly as they play The Transit CD Release party at the Fine Line! w/Catchpenny
1/28/2008 - $5 advance, $8 at the door. Come join Mighty Fairly at the Dinkytowner Cafe on Feb 3th!
11/1/2007 - Come see a Toys for Tots show and help us get some kids who have not, to have some.
11/1/2006 - Pulse Article
9/22/2006 - We can now sell you albums. Click into the dry goods section and you will be able to buy a copy of the record and now T-SHIRTS!
7/16/2006 - So, we've got the record...but no cover. It's all almost done then to the printers. We've got some of the tunes playing on the site, so hopefully it will satiate your needs.
7/11/2006 - MF had a great time last night at Jitter's...shortly afterwards Mischa's appendix blew now he has no appendix. We're in mourning for the organ.
7/9/2006 - We finished the record. it's in LA getting mixed by the outrageously talented, Alex Oana.

Music. Video. PR + Publicity.

We've got some song samples for you to download here, video of concert footage, bootlegs and anything else we run across that might be cool...well, we'll throw that on here too.

Closer To End.mp3 Closer To End / Big Words and Power Chords (2009)
My America.mp3 My America / Single (2008)
Lackluster.mp3 Lackluster / Perfectly Good Airplanes (2006)
Wake up.mp3 Wake Up / Perfectly Good Airplanes (2006)

Discography and lyrics

My America - Music video shot in Minneapolis, MN in Oct. 2008.

Last Stand Started - performing live at WRFW in River Falls, WI.

Amplifier Magazine

March 2007
"..tracks burst with bouncy pop energy, splashy boy/girl vocal harmonies and hooks galore. Their musical approach is clean and strummy, yet insatiably upbeat with some of the tastiest bass lines you’ll hear from a modern pop band."
  -  Written By Jeff Shelton.

Delusions of Adequacy

April 2007
"Perfectly Good Airplanes is chock full of catchy hooks, bouncy rhythms, nicely layered harmonies and infectious music that will make nearly any pop lover smile."
  -  Written By Lisa Town.


March 2007
"The sincerity and passion that Mighty Fairly expresses in Perfectly Good Airplanes leads us to the conclusion that more than just the airplanes are perfectly good."
  -  Written By Amanda Pelle.


January 2007
"Mighty Fairly's tunes are squeaky-clean pop sung with full-throated exuberance..."
  -  Written By Robvan Alstyne.

Pulse of the Twin Cities

Wednesday, November 1st 2006
"Full of hooks, bright harmonies and irresistible synthesizer fills, Suemnig writes songs that lodge themselves in the listener’s brain and beg to be played again and again."
  -  Written By Andrea Myers.

Rift Magazine

December 2006
"The band has the melodic chops to match their arrangements, which makes "Perfectly Good Airplanes" a breezy, infectious treat."
  -  Written By David Brusie

Music For Robots

Thursday, November 16th 2006
" bursts out of the gate with this nonstop energy that's totally infectious."
"...this is the kind of music we depend on for dancing when it's 20 below outside."
  -  Written By David Brusie.

Rift Magazine

October 29th 2006
"...they know how to write a pop song so it's cool and hip."
  -  Written By Rich Horton.

Copyright 2006 © Mighty Fairly